Nike „Free you mind“ spec commercial

In the end of last year, this was the last make-up project where I had my hands on for Anthony Capristo and his special ideas. We met in the cold, in outer circles of Berlin and shot this intriguing little piece of science fictional tale and now here it is, finally pictured. My personal thanks to you Anthony and my friend Ronni Schwenk who brought me into this:

with Alicia Kolander, Kabala Mbaluku, Ana Dordevic, Sue Stinson, Patrick Engelhardt, Selina Klein, Truong Hai Le, Fabian Kutscha, Lyly Victoria, Antoine Ochs

Postproduction by INFECTED GmbH

Written and directed by Anthony Capristo
DP: Marco Schott
Editor: Victor Haselmayer
Producer: Anthony Capristo, Marco Schott

1st AC: Nicolas Meyer
Best Boy: Jason Robert
Costume: Ronni Schwenk
Makeup & Hair: Elena Schmerberg
Set Design: Kathrin Adam
Stunt Coordinator: Simon Schwarzwald
VFX Supervision/Lead Compositing: Eike Oetjen
Compositing: Finn Vormbrock, Bennit Plettner
Motion Graphics: Dennis Tiedemann, Adrian Lenz
Mattepainting: Eike Oetjen
3D Support/Simulation: Fabian Schaper
Color Grading: Soenke Heuer
Post Producer: Sven Bensemann
Assistant Post Producer: Fabian Eisenhauer, Patrycja Krohn
Sound Design/Mix: Julian Lindemann

Music composed by Gowryrahm Mohan

Special thanks to East West Models, Model Fabrik, KMS Boxing, sehstern Filmproduktion, Patrick Zeller, Groove Dance Classes, Erhan Dogan, Sarah Grether, Wolfang Klein, Arno Heitmann

Veröffentlicht von Elena Schmerberg

Elena Schmerberg, based in Berlin, works since 2011 as an independent Make-up Artist for commercial and artistic filmmaking across the globe.

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