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DAVIE by Dan Freeman & The Serious out NOW!

I was waiting for this to come! Please have a look and get deeply touched by this music video we realized last year,directed by Nora Colie. ‘Davie’ celebrates the purity of love through the different, and inevitable, stages of life, embracing every wrinkle and line that comes with it.  or check this great article here … DAVIE by Dan Freeman & The Serious out NOW! weiterlesen


 BY JOHN ROBINSON These are some evidence pictures of quite an adventurous film project realized recently in Berlin with my crew in 2017. Making experienceable gambling-histery to its core driver in a pillowy showdown! Styling with style by Giuliana Savari The project was initialized and realized By Georg Georgi ,founder and manifesto of the Talent … UNTITLED TRANSMEDIA SHOW PROJECT weiterlesen

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