Nike „Free you mind“ spec commercial

In the end of last year, this was the last make-up project where I had my hands on for Anthony Capristo and his special ideas. We met in the cold, in outer circles of Berlin and shot this intriguing little piece of science fictional tale and now here it is, finally pictured. My personal thanks„Nike „Free you mind“ spec commercial“ weiterlesen

General Elektriks – Different Blue

This fun video production for the french band General Elektriks was quite an interesting ride and full of tricky technical twists and ties. Together with Director Arno Salters  we spend the night to achieve this expanding and futuristic film and I have had great joy to meet the band and their intriguing spirit. I would„General Elektriks – Different Blue“ weiterlesen

DAVIE by Dan Freeman & The Serious out NOW!

I was waiting for this to come! Please have a look and get deeply touched by this music video we realized last year,directed by Nora Colie. ‘Davie’ celebrates the purity of love through the different, and inevitable, stages of life, embracing every wrinkle and line that comes with it.  or check this great article here„DAVIE by Dan Freeman & The Serious out NOW!“ weiterlesen


 BY JOHN ROBINSON These are some evidence pictures of quite an adventurous film project realized recently in Berlin with my crew in 2017. Making experienceable gambling-histery to its core driver in a pillowy showdown! Styling with style by Giuliana Savari The project was initialized and realized By Georg Georgi ,founder and manifesto of the Talent„UNTITLED TRANSMEDIA SHOW PROJECT“ weiterlesen


(TVC) + DIRECTORS CUT This Project shot in 2016 in the freezing undergrounds of Berlin was a blast to work on! DIRECTOR Ralf Schmerberg showed once more what it takes to be a pro, it takes to break some rules. The Meister here performed by Nadja Auermann, is the center of attention and takes all„BE THE MEISTER FOR JÄGERMEISTER“ weiterlesen


„AN INNOCENT MIND HAS NO FEAR“ brings to life scenes from the 78-page cover editorial of issue #30, shot in Berlin frozen to the core in mid-February. Filmed over 72 hours at 19 locations – including the Spree, Teufelsberg and Berlin most famous alleyway – the Marc Goehring styled editorials pays tribute to the city„AN INNOCENT MIND HAS NO FEAR“ weiterlesen


In celebration of its 30th issue, 032c and artist-director RALF SCHMERBERG teamed up to create  “An Innocent Mind Has No Fear,”  A proposal for the ultimate Berlin film with a libretto by writer HELENE HEGEMANN. It is a manifesto about life in the post-contemporary era, where cultural promiscuity has dissolved into a condition of spiritual„032C BIRTHDAY ISSUE – PRINTED!“ weiterlesen


Moga E Mago presents POSSESSION – by Ralf Schmerberg     POSSESSION is a modern horror film that unfolds during a Night in Berlin. Drugs, excess and seemingly beautiful people form the backbone of the story. The fashion label Moga et Mago created the project together with Ralf Schmerberg. Since this shoot I love to work for„POSSESSION – BERLIN FASHION HORROR TALE“ weiterlesen


Here you witness a 10 day road trip across Europe for Jeep`s Manifesto in 2016. Trigger Happy productions and Radical Media made it possible for us to strive for the most rural places we could find and to celebrate the travelers opportunities these days. For this shoot my partner Ewa Cervena and myself had the„MANIFESTO for JEEP (TVC)“ weiterlesen