Here you witness a 10 day road trip across Europe for Jeep`s Manifesto in 2016. Trigger Happy productions and Radical Media made it possible for us to strive for the most rural places we could find and to celebrate the travelers opportunities these days. For this shoot my partner Ewa Cervena and myself had the honor to be Make-up Artists and Actors where by we performed a concert in a Berlin Park, like we would do nothing else ever !!!



In 2015 my partner Ewa Cervena and me have created this beautiful and ambitious world of color, for an international advertisement campaign for Samsung and directed by Ralf Schmerberg.  As usual working with my father and the Mindpirates, many utopian images have been produced during this 8 day shoot in Babelsberg and it was a blast to be a free hand make-up artists for this project. Thank you to all participants and colleagues, &here you can have a glimpse behind the scenes!

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This is the Directors Cut of a commercial work I did together with my father in 2011 and Ralf Schmerbergs „Legacy“ for Levi’s advertising campaign „Go Forth!“ is giving us a lesson in life.
The shown images where also produced and realized by Mindpirates & collaborating Artists of their network. It was an honor to be part of this project and I look back with joy and sense again the note of rebellion!
>>>     go here for official versions&company credits : Levi’s Legacy – Go Forth!!!      <<<


This film is an intimate and surreal journey through the torn heart of a passionate women narrated in seven songs. The traumatic ending of her true love throws her into a dark void and a deep numbness. To heal, her pain had to be transformed into music. In the dark recesses of her withdrawn soul, music come to her in her phantasmal psychosis, she hears these songs and sings them.
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Director: Ralf Schmerberg
Producers: Meret Becker and Ralf Schmerberg
Head of Make-up Department: Ewa Cervena

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This commercial for the 2011 MTV Music Awards Ticket sales was shot by Ralf Schmerberg and was created by many co-working Artists and main cast from the well known Berlin scene.

What looks like a fun afternoon of an psychological treatment institution was in fact my very entrance into the world of commercial shoots. I look back to this project full of admiration and ecstasy as it showed me early on that there is a way and the urge to incorporate artistic vision to a commercial world. Since then I understood that I want to provide my work for the audience & to fill some of the unfulfilling promises of advertising campaigns these days. I tend to do so, by creating a fantastical world above a fake world.


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