This Project shot in 2016 in the freezing undergrounds of Berlin was a blast to work on!
DIRECTOR Ralf Schmerberg showed once more what it takes to be a pro, it takes to break some rules. The Meister here performed by Nadja Auermann, is the center of attention and takes all eyes on her and the magic poison of desire…Together with MY PARTNER EWA CERVENA AND a team of 7 Make-up Artists + many artistic individuals in the cast we compiled this mysterious crowd to be the new worshippers of the Meister all within 24hours.

Cause it was such an extravagant shooting, I also want to share the making-of film by Katja Ortmann where my collaborators Dan Freeman, Ewa Cervena and Myself created the soundtrack too. Sit back and enjoy to be behind the scenes, OF MAKE-UP APART WITH THIS MOVIE which we gently called:
….coming soon… 


Veröffentlicht von Elena Schmerberg

Elena Schmerberg, based in Berlin, works since 2011 as an independent Make-up Artist for commercial and artistic filmmaking across the globe.

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