This commercial for the 2011 MTV Music Awards Ticket sales was shot by Ralf Schmerberg and was created by many co-working Artists and main cast from the well known Berlin scene.

What looks like a fun afternoon of an psychological treatment institution was in fact my very entrance into the world of commercial shoots. I look back to this project full of admiration and ecstasy as it showed me early on that there is a way and the urge to incorporate artistic vision to a commercial world. Since then I understood that I want to provide my work for the audience & to fill some of the unfulfilling promises of advertising campaigns these days. I tend to do so, by creating a fantastical world above a fake world.


Veröffentlicht von Elena Schmerberg

Elena Schmerberg, based in Berlin, works since 2011 as an independent Make-up Artist for commercial and artistic filmmaking across the globe.

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